Tinubu Clears Air Of Enmity With Buhari

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Every Nigerian, by now must have heard of the supposed rife between President Buhari and Yoruba Ace politician, Bola Tinubu. It has often been said that the President is one who will not bend to the tunes of the godfather hence, a supposed malice.

However, Bola Tinubu has come out clear, stating that there is no air of Enmity between the two of them.

“I have no demand on the party. If you understand what party politics and leadership are all about, they are about loyalty and commitment to the values that leadership believes in.

“I believe in what the President believes in. I respect him and I stand firmly loyal to his course.

“You can go to any length of speculation that you might want. I have not responded to all of that because I understand the President and the President understands me clearly.

“That (the leadership crisis in the National Assembly) is an area where I am very cautious of my position and utterances. I still want to keep my side of interpretation or analysis to me to be able to achieve a resolution of the matter as quickly as possible.

“I am backing all the President has carefully enumerated and articulated to the party. The party is supreme. The party must have disciplined leadership and followers.

“The party’s process must be respected because that is the confidence and the trust of the people.

“However, in every political environment, you expect conflict. That is politics. Convict resolution mechanism will be applied to resolve all the problems.

“There is honour in every struggle. In every competition or struggle, there must be honour in victory too,” he said.

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