Inside The Calabash With Martinez : The Bailout Irony

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In less than a hundred days into the new administration, governors began to choke and suffocate, a clear indication of desperate times warranting the implementation of desperate measures to douse the situation and restore normalcy, regardless how temporary the measure might be.

The nation screamed for Aregbesola’s head, “Sell off your chopper!” they said.

The states and governors were different; the dissatisfactory chants from the people the same.

It had become clear in no time that our governors had thrown caution to the wind and frivolously run the affairs of state. The money-ship had hit rock bottom and financial lifeline to state workers had begun to run dry. Some had been dry for months I dare add.

Mr President couldn’t sit around with folded arms, watching this ripple effect, this vicious cycle hence the need for the federal government bailout was birthed. There were initial fears this action might have an untoward effect on the economy, some analysts predicted inflation while others corrected them in their predictions. Some saw the situation as a pitiable case of buying a kid candy as a reward for stealing from his mother’s pot of soup.

Be that as it may, one truth we may reflect upon is the recklessness with which public funds was handled, rather manhandled and misappropriated in the previous government. Abia, Akwa ibom, Bauchi, Benue, Cross River, Ekiti, Enugu, Imo, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Kogi, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Plateau , and Yobe are all owing state workers between 2-11months worth of salaries.

If we must relate to the plights of governors who assumed office for the first time only to be barraged by massive debts incurred by their predecessors , then what shall we do to the likes of Rochas Okorocha, Ibikunle Amosun and Rauf Aregbesola? Returning governors who also joined their counterparts to complain of an empty treasury and massive debts.

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Gov. Aregbesola of Osun

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Gov. Rochas of Imo

Who then must we question and perhaps sanction for the thoughtless and uncontrolled spending of the returning governors? Anyway, president Buhari saved the day when he decided to share N413Bn bailout funds from the Excess Crude Account to the anaemic states and governors.

To this, we say a prayer; May these monies not be frivolously squandered yet again, may it get to those who need it. May this move by the President be the answer to the prayers of many civil servants starved and denied their right to livelihood and he who deeps his hand yet again into the pot of soup be blistered by the searing heat of the liquid.

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Mba Martinez is a writer and a political analyst who will always go the extra mile to bring you insight on the recent happenings in African news and politics.

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