Jidenna: American rapper discloses his fears about Nigeria


Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, known singularly as Jidenna,‎‎ disclosed his fears of coming to Nigeria — light skinned individuals are targets for kidnappers in Nigeria.

Jidenna made the admission during an interview on Vlad TV, during a discussion about gender and racial issues.

Jidenna, referred to himself as an Igbo American and revealed interesting details from his dad’s burial, ‘When I went to bury my father, I had to bring a lot of AK-47s… I had to employ military commandos… Because when you’re light-skinned, you’re a heavier target for being kidnapped, because you’re seen as more valuable.’

He added that his family had been assaults and robbery, adding that light skinned people had it easier in America.‎

‎Beverly Naya took to twitter to mock him for what she deemed ignorance:

Jide is signed to Wondaland Records and has released two singles, “Classic Man” and “Yoga” this year. The label has an upcoming compilation EP called ‘‎The Eephus’‎.‎

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