We Don’t Need International Support To Defeat Bokoharam – Ekweremadu

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If this be true then how come the menace has lasted this long? That will be the question on the lips of whoever heard Senator Ekweremadu when he said,

“I will like to assure our friends and the international community that the challenge, though enormous, is not beyond our control.”

The Deputy Senate President said this on Thursday in Abuja when addressing the press on matters of National security.

That, notwithstanding has not deterred the international community from lending a fighting hand in the race to curb terrorism in the country.

The Deputy Secretary of state of the United States of America, Anthony Blinken,has reiterated the resolve of his country to assist in the fight.

“Defeating Boko Haram requires a comprehensive approach that involves the region and includes not only a strong military response, but also sustainable security for liberated areas, good governance, development, and opportunity for the civilian population.

“It also requires a strong commitment to human rights, the absence of which only alienates the people and drives them toward Boko Haram. As Nigeria develops this comprehensive approach, the United States will deepen our support.”

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