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Hey chezians, as is usual with the entertainment world, this week has been froth with drama.

Dencia started the week with a brand new, white Rolls Royce, which is a shocker‎‎ — who knew there was this much money in mixing creams and a few music, and here i was thinking Rihanna won’t bother suing Dencia for ripping off her ‘American Oxygen’ cause the whitenicious boss will probably not be able to afford BadGirlRiRi — but, Ahem! If i were in Riri’s shoes i will close in on this b**** cause she has my money unless she spent it on something white and shiny.

You can’t spell D.R.A.M.A without a ‘K’, ok you can but the Kardashian, Jenner can’t be left out of a good drama.

Caitlyn received the shock of her life — being a girl isn’t as liberating as she imagined — guess no one briefed her about all the rules of being a girl, for example don’t be caught out rocking the same outfit with another ‎sexy mama – expecially your ex-wife. Cheer up Caitlyn if the dress is that awesome rock it, you never know it might look better on you.

Still on the reality Tv’s favourite family Kourtney finally gets the courage to give Scott the boot, she’s doing that at baby number three but whose counting. Speaking of Scott, heard he has taken off to rehab Again! Same old pattern — they quarell, she’s feed up, he enters rehab, they make-up, he ditches rehab #sighs — Scott is sticking to the pattern let’s see if Kourt will bite this time, i wouldn’t if i were in her shoes, raising three babies is hardwork, raising three babies and an immature man; now that’s hardship.

Kylie isn’t having it so good either. Just when baby Jenner just got used to daddy switching to mummy, transgenders are turning up faster than bees to honey all claiming they have a thing with rapper Bf, Tyga, in Tyga’s defence; he did sext another woman just not the transgender — you can see how that makes it so much better can’t you, men!

Anyway, Whoopi Goldberg’s mouth might have finally gotten her in trouble as the public attacks her for allegedly siding and defending Bill Cosby — for all those who have been existing under a rock this past few months, Cosby is facing several lawsuits from several women for allegedly drugging and raping them. Whoopi clarified her stance on Wednesday saying she’s only insisting Cosby is innocent until proven guilty, which is sound reasoning but Cosby himself has admitted to drugging one woman back in 2005, what’s to say he didn’t do the same with others.

Meanwhile, Disney isn’t taking any chances, as the have pulled down Cosby’s statue from their hall of fame.

Where my Beliebers at? What did y’all think of Justin Bieber ‘s cute as a button butt, well! Madonna didn’t seem to fancy it so much. Madge took to instagram less than 24hrs later with a photo which can easily be construed as a shade at Bieber; the photo was two naked men and she captioned the photo, “It was hard work but someone had to do it? What you know about S. E. X.?” ending with a heart emoticon and the hashtag ”#rebelhearttour.”‎

If Ciara and Russell are being truthful i just got to applaud them. Being a celebrity is one thing being celibate is quite another –‎ your wondering at the connection aren’t you?  

Ok! Imagine a situation where Cici comes over to watch Russell practice for an upcoming game and he gets all sweaty and tired so he has to take off his shirt and he is over there, he is your man, all rippling muscle and sweat slicked inch but all you can do is remind yourself you’re not supposed to jump that, harsh!

Or Russell comes to watch Ciara rehearse, Cici clad in minuscule outfits and busting out her moves. Russ said it himself “Y’all seen her on the screen now. If there’s a 10, she’s a 15‎.”

Closer to home, we have Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike facing a broken marriage cause he can’t keep his fist to himself. ‎

I can’t quit decide; did his alter ego take over‎ or he was never really acting all those times he was hitting women on screen? 
Anyway if i were his wife, i will be on my way to court too.

In conclusion, i came across these photo and i want you guys to guess what’s going on…



Now! If you guessed burial i don’t blame you cause i did too until the smile on the girl’s face made me look twice, then three and four times more. For those who hasn’t guessed it yet — it’s a wedding by proxy‎: it’s a wedding in which one or both of the individuals being united in matrimony are not physically present, usually being represented instead by other persons. If both partners are absent it becomes a double proxy.‎

These days Africans think they are the architects and creators of such weddings bu‎t in truth it can be traced back to the European monarchs and nobility, who sometimes married by proxy in the Medieval Ages for example Napoleon I of France and the Austrian Archduchess Marie Louise in 1810.

Enough history lessons, now back to you guys, i want to know how many of you would wed a picture ‎and for what reasons???

That’s all the gossip for today fellows, catch you same time next Friday, only on CHEZNEWS

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