Harry Styles: ‎One Direction star falls on stage‎, triggers new twitter trend 


Harry Styles suspected‎ to be the next singer to leave the award winning boy band, One Direction ‎took a nasty spill at a concert in San Diego on Thursday night, July 9.

The One Direction singer was reportedly in the process of demanding his audience sing along to their hit song ‘Through the Dark’ when he came crashing down.

In a bid to save himself, Harry unwittingly made the fall even more epic eliciting laughter from all including the rest of the band group. When he finally made it to his feet he told the crowd: “If anyone had a video of that, just delete it” — yea right, like that’s going to happen. 

Harry’s fall has given birth to a new Twitter ‎hashtag called #OhNoHarry and it has already gone viral.

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