See Buhari’s Recent Comment On The Chibok Saga.

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Mr. President granted audience to the Bring Back Our Girls Group on Wednesday and during this meet,Buhari expressed both his disappointment in how the previous government handled the issue and also his commitment to redeeming the situation.

Buhari said, “It is unfortunate that the security and Federal Government’s conflicting reports initially presented the government and its agencies in a very bad light both nationally and internationally.

“This is because the law enforcement agencies and the government were conflicting each other sometimes within hours or within weeks, that is not very impressive.

“The delayed and late reaction by the former government and its agencies was very unfortunate as I said…

“I think you will agree with me that the present government takes the issue very seriously. Within a week of being sworn in, I visited Niger, Chad and would have visited Cameroon but for the invitation of the G-7 to go to Germany.

“I am very impressed with the fact that the leadership of this important group and the United Nations itself, are very concerned about the security in Nigeria which led to the abduction of the Chibok girls by the terrorists.

“When the terrorists announced their loyalty to ISIS, the whole attention again was brought squarely to Nigeria. And now we are rated with Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. This is very unfortunate.”

The President further added that the sect should change its name as it does not portray the core values of Islam.

“We are pleased that in the excesses of the terrorists, they have blown themselves.

“I think they have to change their names from Boko Haram to something else, because no religion will kill the innocents.

“You can’t go and kill innocent people and say ‘Allah Akbar!’ It is either you don’t believe it or you don’t know what you are saying.

“So, it has nothing to do with religion; they are just terrorists and Nigeria will mobilise against all of them,” he said.

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