Tyga: ‎Rapper denies cheating accusations on Kylie Jenner with transgender ‎


Tyga has been accused of cheating on his controversial girlfriend, Kylie with a transgender model named, Mia Isabella.‎

Bossip.com reports, the transgender claims to have been Tyga’s woman way before Kylie into his time with Blac Chyna, almost 3 years since she moved to Los Angeles‎.‎ She recently released racy text messages and pictures that included the rapper’s genitals.‎‎



Mia worked as the rapper’s fashion stylist and consultant for his brand as a means to keep their alleged affair under wraps.

She claims, she and t‎he 25-year-old rapper love each other and she’s not interested in another relationship even after been courted by a boxer named Jean Pascal.

Tyga couldn’t deny that the dick picture is his, the stomach tattoos visible in the photo made sure of that, but his lawyers are claiming that Tyga sent the racy photo to a third woman, who then met up a with Isabella as a means of “maliciously sham[ing]” the rapper. That explanation can’t ‎be plausible; why would two random women build a case against you, if there’s no connection.‎

Tyga took to Twitter to credit the devil for his recent misfortune: ”Smh. The devil is working hard today. Lol”. A helpful fan responded,‎ ”don’t send dick pics to Satan”.

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