Twin Blasts In Kabul As Taliban Talks Begin

Security forces inspect a damaged vehicle at the site of the bomb blast

Security forces inspect a damaged vehicle at the site of the bomb blast

Two Taliban suicide attacks just an hour apart killed one person and wounded five in Kabul on Tuesday as an Afghan delegation travelled to Pakistan for talks with the militants. In Tuesday’s first incident, a suicide car bomber targeted a NATO convoy, wounding three people including one described by the police as a “foreigner”. An hour later three Taliban attackers tried to storm a branch office of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Afghanistan’s main intelligence agency. One militant on a motorcycle blew himself up, killing a guard, before other guards killed two further attackers. President Ashraf Ghani said on Twitter that a team from the High Peace Council (HPC), the body tasked with opening talks with the Taliban, had gone to Islamabad to meet the militants. There have been several informal meetings between the Taliban and Afghan officials in recent months as Kabul seeks a negotiated end to the insurgents 13-year fight. But there have been no major breakthroughs and the militants have kept up their barrage of attacks on foreign and Afghan forces.

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