Osun Pensioners Attacked For Anti-Aregbesola Protests

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The senior citizens of Osun state were on Tuesday waylaid by hoodlums as they went out to protest the 7month delay in payment by the state government.

While at Ayetoro in the state, some thugs attacked the aged men and women with sachets of water and the angry senior citizens retaliated by throwing stones at the hoodlums.

However, things went from bad to worse when the thugs began throwing back stones at the protesters, causing them to disperse in different directions. The situation doused by the intervention of the Nigerian police force who shot sporadically into the air.

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The Chairman of Civil Societies’ Coalition for Emancipation of Osun State, a human right activist Group has called on all to join in the fight against a government he called “demonic oppression”.

Mr. Adeniyi Alimi said, “This is a serious matter. Although, we are practising democracy in Nigeria but in Osun we are under a demonic and oppressive rule. We need to save this state now.

“Everybody must be involved because under our nose, Aregbesola has completely destroyed this state.

“In this country, we fought the military to a standstill and in this case, we will continue with our mobilisation from house to house, market to market, school to school until this repressive regime is booted out. Aregbesola must go.”

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