Man Arraigned For False Marriage Promise

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It is a popular saying that, “Hell hath no further like a woman scourned.” This is a typical case of a Hotel attendant who promised and failed in the contract of nuptiality.

31 year old Danladi Sule has been arraigned by a Mararaba court in Nasarawa state after he was accused by Rabiat Tijani of falsly promising to marry her. The accused went attend to cohabit and have kids with the complainant before leaving her for not her woman ten years after.

“The offence of deceitful marriage and cruelty to children committed by the accused contravened sections 238 and 383 of the Penal Code.

“Section 383 prescribes a three-year jail term as penalty for offenders,” the prosecutor has said.

However, the accused has been granted bail at N50,000 and the case adjourned till 14th of July.

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