Chris Tucker: Comedian Sued By Terry Hodges Over Netflix Special


Rush Hour star, Chris Tucker is facing a lawsuit from a fellow comedian, ‎Terry Hodges ‎over his upcoming Netflix stand-up special.

‎‎According to TMZ, comedian Terry Hodges is taking Chris and Netflix claiming that he has not been paid in years for the work that he allegedly did for the highly-anticipated special. ‎Hodges states he worked his ass off for the project –acting, producing, editing and writing. Tucker and Hodges allegedly started working together on the material nearly seven years ago in 2008.‎

In his lawsuit, Hodges says he has mucked up $66k in fees, during trips to Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta and hasn’t been regularly paid since 2011. ‎

Added to that, Hodges also claims that Chris Tucker promised to make him a co-producer on the Netflix special. By doing that, Terry Hodges would have made a little extra cash‎ depending on the success (or failure) of the Netflix special.‎‎

On July 7, Tucker’s attorney, Marty Singer says, “This lawsuit is absurd and completely without merit. We fully expect this case to be thrown out by the court.”‎

Although, Chris Tucker is popular for his role as Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour film series, he began his journey i‎n the entertainment industry with stand-up comedy.

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