Graphic Photo: ‎Justin Bieber’s Friend Attacked By A Reef Shark …‎ ‎


Justin Bieber got a too-close-for-comfortable feel of Shark week, last weekend.‎‎

Joe Termini, one of the pop star’s close friends was involved in a shark attack while holidaying with the ‘Somebody To Love’ crooner in Australia this weekend. The grisly incident was documented by Bieber and the photographer on social media. 

One of the graphic photos shows Termini laying on a deck with his eyes closed and a gaping wound on his chest. 

“Exactly why I hate sharks they told us reef sharks don’t bite,” Bieber wrote on Sunday. 

A second photo, posted by Termini, shows a close up of the deep, ghastly wound. 

“It’s been a good day,” he wrote.


Bieber later took to twitter to tease his pal about the incident parallel to Discovery’s Shark Week, which started airing on Sunday. 

“Hey @joe_termini it’s #SharkWeek lol,” the 21-year-old wrote. 

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