Charly Boy: ‎The afrobeat singer says he adopted his eccentric, gay attitude to keep women away 


Controversial Nigerian entertainer, ‎Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy or Area Fada recently revealed that his eccentric, gay attitude is just an act to divert women away from him‎.

In his words, “The controversial stunt and hype of being gay was my unorthodox way of beating off most of the women hanging around me, it was ridiculous. As the hype gained momentum most of the women left me to myself, feeling that my sexual preference was different.”‎‎

The candid Area Fada further revealed personal details about his sex life lik‎e being properly introduced to sex at the age of twelve by a local prostitute and unfortunately, getting his first taste of STD at the same time.

‎”By the time I turned 12 years old, I was disvirgined by a local whore who dashed me my first STD. The discomfort I experienced was very scary, it was as if my kini as on fire” he wrote.

Prior to the prostitute, he was molested sexually by his baby nurse at the age of 10. “My baby nurse was caught tampering with me sexually…a practice that pleasured me even though I didn’t know what the heck to do.”

After these two initiations Charly Boy confessed that he became hooked on sex, becoming very promiscuous and having his first child at sixteen (16).‎ It got to a point his mother advised him to get married at 19.

‎”For me I saw it all as legally having a free supply of p…sy, endless sex”.‎

‎He ended up getting hitched three times before settling down with his wife, Diana Oputa a.k.a Lady D who he affectionately calls his ‘anointed wife’.‎

Charly Boy says Buddhism has helped him mature ‎and learn to control his sexual desires and urges.

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