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This Sunday, we are going to spruce things up a bit and include my song lovers.

Topping this week’s latest visuals to catch up with is Rihanna’s BBHMM music video‎ — i feel sinful just writing it on a holy day.


Rihanna released the second single off of her much anticipated eighth album called “Bitch Better Have My Money,” and lets just come out and say it; the Trap goddess is an epic show stopper. ‎

Riri always thrive on the unique and different and BBHMM is no different, totally unlike FourFiveSeconds, the Barbados beauty flaunts the diversity of her vocals. ‎The cockiness, the swag; this is the Bad girl we all know and enjoy.  She made being jobless for 7minutes a good thing ‎.‎

Riri’s long awaited album’s delay might be getting quite frustrating but ‎the singer is slaying as the highest selling digital artist in the US and ‎her “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video just made her even more comfortable on the throne.‎

VERDICT: “Hey Mr Dj‎ Pon De Replay!!!”


The Insidious 3 strayed from the franchise’s original storyline which was about the haunting of two generations of the Lambert family and its attempts to exorcise a demonic legacy. ‎Co-starring‎ Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrneand Lin Shaye, 

The previous two were froth with gruesome, pant wetting, sinister entities which generated some genuine dread and performed significantly well at the box office in 2011 and 2013. ‎Clearly the least terrifying of the trilogy, Insidious: Chapter 3 offers an interesting new plot introducing some creepy new characters,‎ a relatable young protagonist‎ and several key players from the prior series‎.

Instead of revisiting the Lamberts’ fraught history, ‎Chapter 3 depended on the supporting character of Elise Rainier (Shaye) for continuity. ‎Elise is the psychic called in to aid the Lambert in the first two films. As a title card reveals — Elise is less of the courageous demon-hunter she later becomes; after the death of her beloved husband, she tried communicating with him by venturing into what she calls ‘The Further’ but things gets too scary for her and she retreats and continues life as a virtual recluse.

Elise reluctantly dusts of her crystal ball ‎when young Quinn Brenner (‎Stefanie Scott) comes knocking at her Hollywood Hills door. Distraught over the death of her mother, Lily, a year earlier, Quinn is convinced her mother is trying to ‎contact her from the afterlife‎, Elise reluctantly agrees to assist, but then quickly reverses course when her attempt to reach out to Lily reveals a far more sinister entity shadowing Quinn.‎

One would never pit Whannell against Wan’s expertise with PG-13 horrors, ‎but he managed to expertly navigate the film’s complicated mix of practical and visual effects together with cinematographer Brian Pearson, revealing the extent of the threat to Quinn by easing the audience into a full-on terror mode. Whannell takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions as he adds a bit of comic relief along with ‎Angus Sampson, comprising the high-tech ghost-hunting team that Elise recruits as her assistants in the other films.‎‎

This changes will most likely than not result in broadening the audience and increase an already substantial fan base.‎

VERDICT: A good way to spend 97 minutes but if your faint hearted please keep it, Daylight 


Once again John Connor is charged with saving mankind as the humans of the future continue to fight the robots of Skynet‎ — the sentient network that has all but gained control of our planet‎.

John who is played by Jason Clarke is leader of the human resistance in the future, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back in time to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke)‎ the mother-to-be of the man who will save the world.‎ An unexpected turn of events creates a fracture in time causing Sgt. Reese to find himself in a new and uncharted version of the past, where he is faced with unlikely allies, including the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger), dangerous new enemies, and a new mission: To reset the future.‎

Critics are very unfeeling over this‎ series, concluding that their only joy was when it finished. While Pop insists, “I’m old, not obsolete,” the franchise has done both. A particularly inventive critic said the movie directed by Alan Taylor tried to “squeeze blood from a corpse‎,” Ouch!

‎VERDICT: It runs for 1hr 59mins, which means you can watch just about any other movie and have time to spare.

Yvonne Nelson with deformed baby 1

If Tomorrow Never Comes was produced by Ghana’s A-list actress, Yvonne Nelson‎.

The movie tells the touching story of a young girl, Ewurabana, who was sold into slavery by her an uncle after her mother died leaving her and her kid brother in the village. ‎She faced alot of inhumanity at the hands of her keepers and narrowly escapes an attempt on her life. ‎She ends up on the street and takes to hawking as a means of survival.‎ A stroke of luck eventually lands her a break and she catapults into a powerful figure in society. 

The movie is a narration of her sad story to the world and boosts Ghana’s creme-de-la-creme as cast members; the sexy producer; Yvonne Nelson, David Dontoh, Kweku Elliot, Khareemah Aguiar, Becca etc‎. The movie was shot in parts of Accra and a village called Aforkpa Kope near Senchi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The movie centered around Kwaku, a little boy battling cerebral retardation, who‎ Yvonne Nelson told fans died few days after she wrapped up filming.‎

‎The movie centers on bringing to the light the vulnerabilities of the females in most African culture

VERDICT : Not too shaby


The Guest opens with David (‎Dan Stevens) showing up unexpectedly on the doorstep of the Peterson family, parents; ‎Sheila Kelley and Leland Orser‎, a teenage daughter; Anna‎ and grade-schooler; Luke‎. David shows up with his cute Kentucky accent, as a friend of their eldest son who was killed in combat. The Petersons, still filled with grief, let the stranger in and David quickly works his charm, slowly worming his way into the family ‎and within 24 hours he has been given the dead son’s old room.‎

On the surface, David is an old-fashioned guy, with good manners, eager to please. He becomes a protects young Luke against the bullies at the boy’s school, and Anna, fighting with her own suspicions about this new “guest,” can’t help but take notice of the guy’s blazing baby-blues and phenomenal body, glimpsed wrapped in a towel in the hallway after his shower.

The audience can sense immediately that David is not the lost lamb he pretends to be; the opening sequence alone has already clued us in. But “The Guest” takes its time revealing what is really going on, and has a lot of fun in that slow reveal process.

VERDICT: Intriguing

That’s a wrap, thanks for showing up and see you next time on cheznews, Sundays at 5pm, bring a friend!

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