Dencia, ‎Whitenicious cream boss hints at acquiring a N58millon ride‎ ‎


Barely four months after Dencia outfitted ‎herselfwith a G-Wagon Benz and Range Rover Evoque cars.

There is every possible reason to believe the ‎Whitenicious cream ‎boss,‎ might just have splashed a heart skipping $294,025 (which when converted is N58million) on a brand new 2015, Rolls Royce Wraith.

The aspiring musician took to her instagram ‎with a photo of herself and the white Rolls with a rhythmic caption which hints at a new purchase.‎


‎’…God’s fav child better beelee that! #2015RollsRoyceWraith bitch can you buy that? #ObsessedWithCars, NextStopPJ’ the African Energy singer, wrote.

She confirmed to one of her followers that she would be painting the majestic ride her favourite colour — baby pink.‎

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