Kiss Daniel: Is the ‎upcoming musician campaigning for gay marriage‎ in Nigeria? ‎


Rising Nigeria artist, Kiss Daniel might just have declared his approval of same sex marriage which was legalized in the United States of America last week.‎

‎The ‘Woju’ crooner allegedly took to his instagram with this post, “Ok, so, g@y marriage is legalized in the U.S? Some are mad, some are indifferent, some are glad. Straight or G@y, what matter is we’ve got a heart that can love. Love is love and love always wins. Barrack Obama, peace.”

His fans fired back at him and as a wise public figure he took the post down.‎

Nigeria is among the majority of African nations that has publicly shunned the‎ ruling of the Supreme Court of America to legalize homosexual marriage, so for Daniel to take to social media like this can easily be construed as him taking sides.

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