Buhari To Name Ministers In September

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The President of Nigeria who is yet to name the set of ministers he will be working with in his new government is set to name his cabinet in September, according to presidential sources.

The media Adviser to the President, Shehu Garba who spoke to Reuters said this.

“It will take the next two months before ministers can come on board. Bringing them in now may disrupt the clean-up going on. So Nigerians just have to be patient.

“We need to clean up the mess everywhere before the ministers can come,” he said.

This delay is believed by many to be having a negative effect on the economy as investors are stranded as to what policy in the different sectors to work with.

An APC source has also admitted that the country may have to be patient for another two months before the government comes up with Credible ministers.

“President Buhari’s cabinet won’t be ready until early September because he is not in a hurry.

“He is just being meticulous so that he can bring in credible and competent hands,” the APC member said.

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