UNTH HouseOfficers&Interns Served Eviction Notice

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As though the ongoing strike action by the Association of Resident Doctors isn’t enough drama for a week, the House officers and interns of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla have been served an Eviction notice by the hospital management following an unprecedented event that occurred in the early hours of the day.

Usually, the above mentioned Doctors and interns are accommodated within the hospital after a balloting exercise is held by hospital in which the House officers are expected to pick the accommodation slots from a box which contains all the room slots written in pieces of paper and also blank sheets(to make it a fair probability , since all the rooms won’t be enough for all the house officers).

However, it was gathered that the management failed to include all the rooms allocated to the House officers for the balloting exercise as a portion of it was reserved for ghost employees yet to be employed by the management.

This revelation led to a halt in the exercise as over a hundred house officers refused to go ahead with the balloting till all the rooms are made available. The doctors refused, their annoyance being that those already employed by the hospital management should be considered first before any other ghost worker.

This is however, the second month of the Medical internship program and the doctors are yet to get a permanent residence as many were seen returning back to the Enugu metropolis which is about 30mins away from the hospital.

Meanwhile, the hospital management has reacted to the situation by pasting a notice asking all house officers temporarily accommodated in the hospital to evacuate the rooms, Tuesday evening, or risk being thrown out forcefully.


Talks are still holding between the doctors and the chief medical director of the hospital to resolve the issue.

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