‎ 99.9% Of Women Are More Turned On By Men With These Qualities.


Get your minds out of the gutter, this is not about the body on body, physical contact. We are referring to how to turn her on without so much as brushing her hair away from her face or delivering a peck on her cheek. I know this is hard to believe but believe it; you can turn your woman on with more than your looks, and here are ways to achieve that…

1. Intelligence
For most women, a smart man is an incredibly sexy man. Like the saying goes ‘Knowledge is power,’ a woman is fascinated by your  ability to carry on an intelligent conversation and have great ideas.

2. Being Considerate
This is when you have her feelings in mind as you carry out an action, it does her heart good knowing you care, and that can sometimes materialize into a greater attraction. Small gestures  show her you’re thinking about her and wins you some points. You’re investing emotionally and that makes her much more receptive to your advances.‎

3. Ambition
There is nothing hotter than a man with ambition, no drive is a huge turn off for a woman. Having goals and a purpose gives off a distinctive vibe that says, ‘this is a man who is all about handling his business,’ and that’s sexy!.‎


4.  Be Open and Friendly:

Let your smiles come from within and spread slowly across your faces, this smiles are judged to be more honest and genuine, thus definitely a turn on.‎

5. Assertiveness
‎Sometimes you have to tell a woman No! In order to get a Yes! Confusing right?

Here’s the thing majority of women (if not all) can’t stand a passive, Yes man. Be assertive, be the man, put your foot down at the right time (in the right way, at the right place) and you will have her eating right out of your palm. The problem with this, is that most men confuse being assertive with being a controlling A-hole, command her respect not her fear.‎

Men tend to be a bit carefree in this department. You want your woman looking good but you don’t think she might want something nice to look at, too. You don’t have to splurge expensive clothes and blings, simply learning how to present a well put together package. Know how/when to rock a suit or jeans. Don’t you think, she deserves an arm candy to hang on to?

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A graduate of UNN, from the dept of Foreign languages and literary studies. Chioma is passionate about ensuring that you get the latest information on events going on in the world, as they occur, uncut.

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