What Buhari Said About Fleeing Ministers And Government Officials

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It has been reported that some former government officials who were trying to travel out of the country following the Inauguration of President Buhari have faced some hitches with law enforcement officials at their point of exit.

This rigorous security scrutiny has been naturally attributed to the President, as many believe he will be on a bounty hunt with the former office holders.

However, Buhari has said that no law abiding citizen of the country should be prevented from leaving the country.

“Officials of past administrations including ministers, are entitled to
their full rights and privileges under the constitution and must not be subjected to any undue harassment and
intimidation at the airports or at other points of entry and exit.

“Unless otherwise directed by the courts, no law-abiding citizens should be barred from travelling abroad.

“We must treat fellow citizens with courtesy and respect.
Officials at the borders and other points of entry and exit should conduct their affairs in strict compliance with due process. No one has my permission to bar anyone from travelling abroad, ”
he said via the head of his media team, Garba Shehu.

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