Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Sentenced To Jail

This is the second jail sentence for Israel's former leader.

This is the second jail sentence for Israel's former leader.

This is the second jail sentence for Israel’s former leader.

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to eight months in prison for corruption on Monday, the latest legal blow in a spectacular fall from grace. The Jerusalem district court convicted Olmert of fraud and corruption in March following a retrial over allegations that he had received envelopes of cash from a US businessman while trade and industry minister in the early 2000s. Passing sentence, the three bench judge said: “The conduct of Ehud Olmert merits a custodial sentence. A public servant- a minister- who receives cash payments in dollars, keeps them in a secret safe, and uses them for personal purposes, is committing a crime which undermines the people’s confidence in public office.” The judges also handed Olmert an additional suspended eight-month prison term and a 100,000 shekel ($25,000) fine in what they said was a “light sentence in recognition of the contribution to the country made by Ehud Olmert.” Lawyers for Olmert, who was premier from 2006 to 2009, crowning a political career spanning decades, immediately announced they would appeal as there was “no evidence of personal use by Olmert” of the money handed over by US businessman Morris Talansky. The former premier had initially been acquitted of fraud and corruption in the case, escaping in 2012 with a $19,000 fine and a suspended jail sentence.

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