Church In Ireland Needs Reality Check

The archbishop voted 'No' in the referendum.

The archbishop voted 'No' in the referendum.

The archbishop voted ‘No’ in the referendum.

One of Ireland’s most senior Catholic clerics has called for the church to take a reality check following the country’s overwhelming vote in favour of same-sex marriage. The archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin told the broadcaster RTE: “We (the church) have to stop and have a reality check, not move into denial, of the realities. We won’t begin again with  a sense of renewal, with a sense of denial,” he said. “I appreciate how gay and lesbian men and women feel on this day. That they feel this is something that is enriching the way they live. I think it is a social revolution.” The archbishop personally voted ‘No’ arguing that gay rights should be respected “without changing the definition of marriage.” “I ask myself, most of these young people who voted yes are products of our Catholic school system for 12 years. I’m saying there’s a big challenge there to see how we get across the message of the church,” he added. Ireland is the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage through a popular vote, and it’s referendum was held 22 years after homosexuality acts were decriminalised in the Republic of Ireland.

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