One Simple Way To Improve ‘ANY’ Sex Position 


We get it: it’s old news how everyone seems to point to one sex position as the end it all sex position, which if you think about it, when everyone is pointing, it is a whole lot of different positions.‎

‎Scientists are claiming you don’t need to contort your body into weird shapes to have mind blowing, senses tingling sex. ‎

According to Sexpert, Pamela Lister, contributing editor of REDBOOK magazine and author of ‘Stay In Lust Forever,’ doing a few Kegel exercises every day and tightening up down below, will make sex way more pleasurable for the both of you right then and there and make it easier to achieve the big ‘O’.‎

Kegel exercises are mostly prescribed for women to tone up their vagina after childbirth, as ‎kegel exercises are useful in regaining pelvic floor muscle strength in such cases.


This exercise though most commonly used by women, can also help your man achieve stronger erections, maintain healthy hips, and gain control over his ejaculation.‎‎


The exercise is said to help stimulate the clitoris. Far back in 1952, it was reported that women doing this exercises reached their climax easily, more frequently and more intensely‎.

Pamela‎ says for best result squeeze to the rhythm of his thrusts during sex. Of course, everything works much better when you two are in sync, but the additional bonus of a sense of snugness when he enters you will drive him coconuts‎‎.

So you can go on and trade in that ‘cat in the monkey shadow’ move for some kegel exercises and achieve that thrilling orgasm minus the throbbing back ache side effects.‎

Come back and thank me later.

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