Thousands Protest In US Over Police Injustices

People gathered outside Baltimore's City Hall.

People gathered outside Baltimore's City Hall.

People gathered outside Baltimore’s City Hall.

Thousands of people protested in major US East Coast cities demanding equal treatment for all by police, after a young African American died of injuries sustained in custody in Baltimore. The biggest show of people power was in Baltimore itself where several thousands mostly young demonstrators paralysed City Hall. Thousands more protested in New York, the capital Washington and Boston in solidarity, as simmering anger over alleged police brutality against blacks and discrimination again bubbled to the surface. The protests were overwhelmingly peaceful and good natured, although New York police said they had arrested more than 60 demonstrators. Emotions were running high, with scuffles breaking out. “We are protesting the ongoing injustices that police have perpetrated on black men particularly. Police are trigger happy and we need to stop that,” Jonathan Brown, 19, a student at John Hopkins University, told AFP. Some in the huge crowd held placards, one reading, “Killer cops deserve cell blocks.” A few wore shirts with the words, “Amnesty International Observer.” The 2,000 National Guards personnel who have flooded Baltimore this week kept a low profile and only small knots of demonstrators remained on the streets when a curfew swept into effect for a second night from 10:00pm (02:00 GMT Thursday) to 5:00 am.

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