Justin Bieber Gets Threatened In Rome


Bieber stirred up some trouble as he landed in the Italian capital, Rome on Sunday, for the shooting of his cameo role in Zoolander 2‎.‎

‎Justin Bieber was reportedly taken in for questioning on Wednesday by the police in Rome, in relation to the arrest warrant issued for the singer in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the alleged assault of a photographer by one of his bodyguards.‎

Bieber was questioned at the five-star Hilton hotel where he is staying but was not arrested. This questioning was due to the Red Notice ‎allegedly put out by Interpol at the request of Judge Julio Alberto Banos for the arrest of the 21-year-old.

Police storms Bieber's hotel

Police storms Bieber’s hotel

Judge Banos’s secretary spoke to‎ AFP on April 10 saying, “We are asking Interpol for Justin Bieber’s detention, anywhere in the world, adding, “Since he could not be found for his appearance to testify, we request that he be detained.”‎

E! News reports that despite all the Hoo Ha, the Biebs run-in with the police wasn’t as serious as it seemed, “He was questioned but wasn’t as serious as they made it seem,” adding that “he is still in Rome and having a great time.”‎

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