EveryOne’s Favourite TeddyBear Is Back With More Expletives And Raunchy Sex Scenes: Its Ted 2


Ted is back guys! And he wants to have a kid, Uh huh! A tiny Ted.‎

In a recent released promo for ‘Ted 2′, the bizarre teddybear is back with more ludicrous, crass, absurd and downright hilarious ideas.
Ted is on a mission: Get ‎Tom Brady‘s sperm. Oh yes! Our favourite Teddy bear (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) wants to procreate‎. However, he seems to be lacking the basic human anatomy needed to do so, 

Hence, he and his thunder buddy, John (played by Mark Wahlberg) set off to find other options, and of course a breaking and entering was their first choice and their victim? Tom Brady.‎

‎In this brand new trailer for Ted 2, Ted faces overwhelming obstacles, his sperm search being the least of his problems. Ted and his wife discovers that HE is considered property by the government and therefore has no civil rights, unless he proves to the court that he is a person. 

Of course the edgy team come back with: “We’ll get a lawyer, and sue the f–king government for your civil rights,” John says.‎

‎Watch how it all works out for the adventurous Teddy on cinema 26th June, 2015.

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