ORUBEBE Disrupts INEC Collation


INEC had taken a recess on Monday night, only to reconvene at about 11:30am on Tuesday morning,over an hour longer than officially expected. And as the collation officials from the different states yet accounted for began to announce their results, there came Peter Orubebe, former Niger Delta minister back in 2010 under Goodluck Jonathan’s new cabinet reshuffle.

Microphone in hand, Mr Orubebe began lashing out at the INEC chairman, calling him a partial umpire in the exercise, to the spectacle of the entire observing world. In a move some have called “theatrics from a panicky PDP camp”.

He stated that some figures announced were not agreed upon, calling them false and unacceptable. Mr Orubebe added that the collation exercise would not go on until the said issues were duly addressed by the INEC chairman.

“We have raised issues about results in Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa and Katsina and yet you have done nothing about it. You are biased! ur are partial. You are tribalistic,” Orubebe howled.

After much plea and persuasion, he was led off the platform.
Prof. Jega called his action inappropriate , calling on the former minister to exercise proper public conduct.
“Mr Orubebe, you are a former minister of
the Federal Republic of Nigeria, so you
should be careful about the things you say
and certainly you should be careful about
your public conduct,”he said.

However, the hall returned to normalcy and the collation process continued. 

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