Could No Sex Be Turning Kim From A Blonde Back To A Brunette


If Katy Perry knew she would have changed her lyrics to ‘You change your mind like Kim changes hair.’


Seem all the tongues wagged during Paris fashion week found its mark cause Kanye’s wife is back to darker tresses.


4 days ago, Kim shared a photo of her doing a touch up in a Salon in L.A.


2 days after the touch up, She was caught on camera looking at her reflection while waiting for the traffic light to change and we wondered if her hair got darker or if the light was playing tricks on us.


The reality star isn’t one to keep fans guessing for long. A day later, she posted a picture on instagram showing her with 61 year old, photographer Ellen von Unwerth.


Note: Ellen is Kim’s photographer. She was a fashion model for 10years before becoming a photographer and she specialises in Erotic Femininity. She is working on a project with Kim. A project Kim ‘can’t wait’ for us to see.


Hmmmm!!! Kim might just have found a way to expel the sexual tension since her doctor has warned her to stay of Kanye.

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