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So most of the time my articles dish out advice and my opinion on issues, well this time around, I’m turning the tables. I need your take on this matter. Guys and ladies alike…. Read on.

After a lot of personal research, I’ve reached the conclusion that the average woman has three major/important men in her life; the Tom, the Dick and the Harry and she is faced with the important decision of where to place priority.

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Tom, Dick and Harry are three very different kinds of men (male prototypes) who each possess an element of the qualities that she seeks. She meets and holds on to these three men, because put together they satisfy her emotional, physical, and financial needs.


At some point, she has to prioritise, she has to decide who will be number one and that’s usually the person who possesses most (or the most important) of the qualities she seeks.

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The choice made varies with each woman. Some want a Tom, some a Dick and others a Harry. I’ll briefly introduce you to all three and then you can tell me who you’d prefer or if and how you’d juggle all three.


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Meet Tom. Just like his name, Tom is strong, hard working, simple and dependable. He’s usually a working class guy, could be either filthy rich or just comfortable, but he has the ability to provide adequately for her and tries his best to be there for her. On the downside, Tom has the tendency to exhibit the ‘busy bee syndrome’ and he can be really boring. He doesn’t have an exciting bone in his body and he treats her like a child sometimes. He buys her things, provides her with cash but there is no element of excitement and he’s usually not so good looking. This boring nature is usually evident in his lovemaking too.


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Meet Dick. He’s funny, charming,  attentive, extremely good looking, witty, fun to be with, adventurous, and broke. Sometimes he’s a younger guy, other times he’s just a bit older. He’s either jobless, or he barely gets by. He’s fun to be with, but sometimes she’s in doubt of his true feelings for her, because he’s extremely smooth and exhibits ‘player’ tendencies. Dick can be very sweet and romantic, when he can scrape the cash together (which is almost never). He has dreams of making it big someday, and likes to share them with her, but hardly ever makes a move when the opportunity presents itself. He’s usually really good in bed. He’s the guilty love affair. The one she can’t present to her family, but looks forward to seeing everyday.


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Harry is the good guy, the childhood sweetheart, mum knows him and loves him and he’s on first name basis with Dad. Harry is the good looking, church going guy, who cares more about her soul than her body. He’s a real gentleman and he treats her like a queen. They’ve known eachother for a long time and are comfortable with each other. Everyone assumes they’ll get married. He has a good job and lives comfortably. He’s Mr. Perfect… a little too perfect. He’s thrifty/stingy, always trying to save for the rainy day or for their marriage. He’s very opinionated, he’s a perfectionist who sets standards so high for her that she has to struggle to meet up. He likes to keep up appearances. He can be quite bossy, and she sometimes feels insecure with him, like she doesn’t deserve him.


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Well, you’ve met the three studs. They may not completely match the top three in your life, but I’m sure you can see some similarities. If you had to make a choice right now, who would it be? Tom, Dick or Harry?


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Pearl O’Browne.

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  1. Emerald Awa

    For good reasons Honey, a Harry will always be a no-no for me. I don’t want anyone telling me how to talk or how wide my smiles should be. A regimented and sanctimonious life is not my choice. A Harry gives meaning to ‘suffering and smiling.’ I can rough it out with a Dick, not a lot of luxury but it sure promises to be a fun ride. However,in all honesty, I need a Tom – ain’t no romance without finance. Tom is God’s promise to every woman. I can help him to let his hair down from time to time.

  2. Jitey

    Well,even though I didn’t know,reading this I realized my ex was clearly a buh we were in love

  3. Yindie

    Harry sounds like the kind of guy that if you don’t meet up with his standards, would most likely talk you down and that would over time give your self-esteem a big blow, you’d always be unsure around him and your life would become about pleasing him and at the end, you’ll be misrable in the relationship/marriage.
    Dick on the other hand is somone that you could easily push to finally grab that oppurtunity he’s been letting pass him by you can easily motivate him with a lot of talking (a maybe some threatening too hehehe) and if he’s determined he’ll succeed!
    Tom I believe like Snow said can easily be fixed in his boring ways, plus you’d bring spice to his life!
    So from my answer…I guess my choice(s) is/are obvious loool

  4. odibixxx

    If I were a chic,it’ll most definitely be a dick. Most of the time he’s not broke,and last I checked,being smooth isn’t a crime and exhibiting player tendencies is quite different from possessing player qualities,he has dreams and they don’t come true in a day,you need that person who always keeps you on ur toes,filled with excitement and adventure,not someone you can always predict or you get to pretend around,a lot of marriages have crashed just cos of boredom

  5. Snow

    A Tom would do 4me, his faults aren’t permanent. If your communication is strong, u can tease ur way into creating a love machine n da solves d bed issue. N if hs treatn u lyk a child ur probably givn him reason to. Den again Dick dos look super HOT!!!

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