At Saturday’s 2015 AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards), fashion as we know it was murdered, resurrected and murdered yet again and the criminal offenders were none other than our very own celebrities. The much-awaited-and-talked-of event took place at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos State and kicked off at about 6:30 p.m. CAT and from the first few pictures taken on the red carpet, it was clear to any observer that the guests took the event very seriously. Colours splashed across the carpet as our celebs sauntered in, some looking magnificent, some looking like they lost their way to the circus. Here’s a  sneak peek before we proceed ;D


DSC_02151-564x845-1  AMVCA-2015_105__360nobs-1   AMVCA-2015_112__360nobs-1   AMVCA-2015_02__360nobs-1

DSC_9467-564x845-1   DSC_9184-564x845-1   AMVCA-2015_32__360nobs-1    AMVCA-2015_10__360nobs-1    AMVCA-2015_29__360nobs-1

Now you see what I mean (These are some of the good guys though)! The event was graced by everybody who is anybody. From the Oldies like Joke Silva, to newbies like Alex Ekubo. This edition of the AMVCA saw not just actors and actresses but also some of the hottest musicians.

For the sake of this article, I will categorise these celebs in groups of ‘GOOD GUYS’, ‘BAD GUYS’ and ‘MEDIOCRE’. Enjoy!!! Be reminded that this is my personal opinion, you are entitled to share yours in the comment box if you will.





AMVCA-2015_89__360nobs-1Genevieve-Nnaji-486x600AMVCA-2015_45__360nobs-2 AMVCA-2015_49__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_50__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_51__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_52__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_58__360nobs-1




AMVCA-2015_59__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_60__360nobs-1  DSC_0019-564x845-1 DSC_9375-564x845-1 AMVCA-2015_39__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_41__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_40__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_37__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_35__360nobs-1




AMVCA-2015_34__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_31__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_30__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_28__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_27__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_26__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_25__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_22__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_20__360nobs-1




AMVCA-2015_65__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_17__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_16__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_15__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_14__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_13__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_10__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_08__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_05__360nobs-1




AMVCA-2015_03__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_00__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_136__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_131__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_129__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_128__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_127__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_117__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_114__360nobs-1




AMVCA-2015_109__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_69__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_101__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_100__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_70__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_92__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_91__360nobs-1 AMVCA-2015_90__360nobs-1  AMVCA-2015_85__360nobs-1




Toolz1-600x596 Beverly-Naya1-600x600 Emma-Nyra-600x600




Ufoma-McDermott-600x600 Oreka-Godis-540x600 Ruth-Kadiri Osas-Ighodaro-Gbenro-Ajibade-457x600




Omawumi-492x600 Cynthia-Kamalu-529x600 Vimbai-Mutinhiri-600x594 Tana-Adelana




Tamar-600x596 Rita-Dominic-600x595 Fathia-Balogun-Monalisa-Chinda-600x597 Oge-Okoye-449x600




Nse-Ikpe-Etim-600x598 Munachi-Abii-448x600 Kiki-Omeili-600x598 29-600x597








AMVCA-2015_111__360nobs-1Now this is one outfit that caused quite a stir, regardless of what anyone says, I personally love this look on Alex Ekubo. He’s wearing a stylish black-collared, multi-coloured blazer designed by Jason Porsche and he cleverly tones it down with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black pants and black dress shoes. This blazer may seem really loud, but he wore it well and it’s something we won’t forget in a hurry. Perfecto!!!! 





Joselyn-Dumas Fathia-Balogun-Monalisa-Chinda-600x597






Africa-Magic-Viewers-Choice-Awards-March-2015-BellaNaija0003-600x900   Africa-Magic-Viewers-Choice-Awards-March-2015-BellaNaija0004-400x600  Belinda Effah wowed everyone with this look and she wore it so well. Keeping it real and African. Very original.






AMVCA-2015_133__360nobs-1   I know some people probably want to kill me for putting Mercy J. in the mediocre list, especially since her dress is gorgeous. She could easily have vied for best dressed at the 2015 AMVCA, but as beautiful as the dress is, she wore it wrong. Have you thought of how amazing this dress would have looked on her killer figure if she’d worn a bra that held her boobs up more? Her boobs sagged in the picture and took away some of the pizazz from the general look, therefore… Mediocre!!!

AMVCA-2015_108__360nobs-1 Chidinma is wearing a beautiful purple number which would probably have looked better on someone else. The dress does not suit her body type and symmetry. She would have rocked a dress with a short skirt and lots of details or even tailored slacks, and a blouse/ dress shirt and blazer. She just looks uncomfortable and unprepared in this dress…. No jewellery, no purse.

Funke-Akindele1-600x598   Funke Akindele  is wearing a stunning dress that was designed for someone shades fairer than her. The brown-coloured material at the neckline is designed to blend with the wearer’s skin so that it looks just like the turquoise blue material is plastered on her skin. This wardrobe malfunction was all the more obvious because a few other ladies wore this design and wore it well. See for example:  AMVCA-2015_131__360nobs-1   AMVCA-2015_112__360nobs-1    Genevieve-Nnaji-at-Mo-Abudus-party   I rest my case.


DSC_9331-1purple hair, green dress, red shoes and a red clutch purse…need I say more? The dress seems too tight at her bust area and clearly outlines her bra. I don’t know if she can breathe in that.

AMVCA-2015_130__360nobs-1  Africa-Magic-Viewers-Choice-Awards-March-2015-BellaNaija0002-400x600  Denrele, Denrele, Denrele…. Where do I begin? Denrele has made a name for himself over the years for his insane fashion ideas, but tonight’s getup takes the crown. Designed for him by Tiannahstyling (Toyin Lawani), he’s wearing a gold fish net, black pants, and…those shoes. Denrele clearly loves to shock people with his dressing, so here’s an idea Denrele, why don’t you shock us next time by wearing a suit and holding back your hair. I’m sure we’d all be adequately surprised.

DSC_9811-1 I don’t know what to say….

AMVCA-2015_79__360nobs-1  Ini Edo is wearing a Ralph Lauren design. This red Cape dress should have looked amazing, but makes her look funny and the hairdo she has on does not help either. The dress clearly makes her uncomfortable because she’s sweating on the red carpet. It’s just too much! She tried to recreate Lupita Nyong’o’s 2014 Golden Globe Awards look. I guess we now know it looks better on slimmer/Kim Kardashian’ish’ ladies.   Africa-Magic-Viewers-Choice-Awards-March-2015-BellaNaija-Lupita-Ini-517x600

AMVCA-2015_106__360nobs-1 So, Adunni Ade came to the 20154 AMVCA in a very detailed swimsuit. Looks like she was headed to the circus as an acrobat. Designed by Tiannahstyling.

AMVCA-2015_110__360nobs-1   Lovely design by Tiannahstyling again. Looks like her designs were the talk of the night (mission accomplished Toyin). She dressed Susan Peters tonight, and even though the outfit is beautiful, I think it has too much detail and is inappropriate for the event she’s attending. What’s the tiara for?

Eucharia-Anunobi   Eucharia Anunobi’s dress has too much detail. Ruffled at the neckline, flared sleeves, flared skirt and that hair piece. She should have kept it simple.


Best TV Series – Shuga

Best Makeup Artist – Lola Maja for October 1

Best New Media-Online – Imoh Umoren for Hard Times

Best Short Film – Ekene Mekunye for Oblivious

Best Writer (Drama) – Tunde Babalola for October 1

Best Writer (Comedy) – Tunde Babalola for The Meeting

Best Lighting Designer – Lanre Omofaiye for October 1

Best Cinematographer – Stanlee Ohikhuare for Verdict

Best Sound Editor – Kulanen Ikyo for October 1

Best Video Editor – Victoria Akujobi

Best Costume Designer – Deola Sagoe & Obijie Oru for October 1

Best Indigenous Language (Swahili) – Veve

Best Indigenous Language (Hausa) – Bincike

Best Indigenous Language (Yoruba) – Fathia Balogun

Best Indigenous Language (Igbo) – Obi Emelonye

Best Documentary – Yvonne Bassey for Gift of the Nile

Best Supporting Actor (Drama) – Blossom Chukwujekwu

Best Supporting Actress (Drama) – Linda Ejiofor for The Meeting

Best Actor (Comedy) – Femi Jacobs for The Meeting

Best Actress (Comedy) – Rita Dominic The Meeting

Best Movie (Comedy) – The Meeting

Best Movie (Drama) – A Place in the Stars

Trail Blazer Award – CJ Obasi

New Era Award – AY Makun

Industry Merit Award – Amaka Igwe

Best Actress (Drama) – Kehinde Bankole

Best Actor (Drama) – OC Ukeje

Best Director – Kunle Afolayan for October 1

Best Movie 2014 – Kunle Afolayan for October 1

Prizes: 1 million naira and a year’s supply of Amstel Malta.

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