Former First Lady of Ivory Coast Gets a 20year sentence


Simone Gbagbo, former first lady of Ivory Coast who has been convicted for playing a role in the 2010 election violence has been handed a 20year prison sentence in her country.

Gbagbo who is 65 was charged and convicted for undermining state security while her husband , former Ivorian president, Laurent Gbagbo still awaits trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

During the 2010 elections, the Gbagbos lost by the result of the polls. This result was rejected by them and their supporters as the had refused to concede defeat against Alassane Ouattara.

Thier outcry and pubic, verbal threats lead to a ripple effect and the violence that followed brought about the death of more than 3000 lives. According to eye witness accounts, the first lady was seen handing firearms to armed gangs for the purpose of distorting public peace and order.

The couple who had taken refuge in a bunker in Abidjan were fished out by military troops and were tried in the same town.

The death squads which operated mercilessly during that five-month turmoil in Ivory coast were believed to be puppets of the Gbagbos, a claim which the couple has denied.

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