Khloe kardashian To Replace Kelly Osbourne On Fashion Police


Kelly Osbourne makes good on her threat and quits the popular E series, Fashion Police.

Rumour has it, Kelly has been on the outs with the producers, co-hosts and crew concerning how the show is being run, this controversy started after the first episode taped without Joan Rivers.


The chaos brought on by Guilianna Rancic’s careless comments concerning Zendaya’s hair on the oscar, red carpet pushed the last button on the under currents. Kelly took to twitter “I DID NOT MAKE THE WEED COMMENT. I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM SO AS A RESULT OF THIS IM SEREIOUSLY QUESTIONONIG STAYING ON THE SHOW!”. Guilianna then apologised twice, on social media and live on E and Zendaya accepted but Kelly still decided to leave her post to pursue other opportunities, though she acknowledged the apology by saying, “it takes a strong women to apologise & makes a forgiving women even stronger! #ThisTooShallPass” via twitter.


Kelly’s seat might still be warm but seems E already has a replacement lined up, as you all know Khloe of the Kardashian clan, has been working as a “special correspondent” and co-hosted the grammys and oscar this year. Though no decision has been reached but she’s obviously a considered an option.


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