A political charade or a factual outcry? These were the mixed expressions that greeted the press conference held on Friday in Abuja by the Presidential Campaign Organisation of the People’s Democratic Party(PDPPCO) in which the Ace political leader of the All Progressive Congress was blatantly accused of masterminding a game plan to seize presidential power through the back door.
Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the Director of media and publicity of PDPPCO who spoke on the matter, according to him, Bola Tinubu’s play to becoming the president in 2015 is based on an alleged oath agreed upon by Buhari’s running mate, Prof Osinbajo to resign six months into office if Buhari should win the forthcoming elections.
This, he stated would give Tinubu the opportunity needed to immediately replace him as the vice president and eventually as president giving the alleged health condition of General Buhari which would see him not being strong enough to rule as his health is expected to worsen .
“It should baffle well-meaning Nigerians why Tinubu has decided to draft Buhari, despite his age, acrimonious background and questionable health status, into the presidential race whilst ensuring that his stooge, Prof Osinbajo, was foisted on the general as vice presidential candidate”.
“The reason is that the PDPPCO wishes to use this forum to expose the ungodly plan by Tinubu to seize the presidency of Nigeria by subterfuge”.
“…Now, the real reason Tinubu nominated Osinbajo has been made known to us and we hereby offer a public service to the Nigerian people by drawing national attention to it. Credible pieces of information at our disposal indicate that Tinubu has perfected plans to come to power through the back door.”
After stating that Tinubu had signed an oath with the Professor who steps down after six months, Chief Fani-Kayode added, “The ultimate objective of this plot is to ensure that Tinubu becomes the president. The script is simple: given the questionable health of Buhari , Tinubu , who is desperate to be president for his own selfish reasons, will simply bid his time in the evil expectation that Buhari will not be able to go the whole hog.”
These strong allegations -which comes almost immediately after that of the opposition party that had recently accused the presidency of wasting public funds allegedly used in the hiring of protesters at the Chatham house to stall Buhari’s speech-are yet to be met by an appropriate response by the APC.
As these two contending political parties go head to head, there is no knowing the level of truism or theatrics involved to either sate bold truths, ruffle the other’s camp or simply put; wining an election.

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Mba Martinez is a writer and a political analyst who will always go the extra mile to bring you insight on the recent happenings in African news and politics.

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