I Need A Stalker Like Paris Hilton’s Johnny

Paris Hilton's Birthday Party

What’s your reaction to a gift wrapped Cadillac? Well, Paris Hilton’s reaction is to call the cops. Unbelievable Right!!!


The gist is Paris has a stalker who is arguably as loaded as she is. The guy identified as Johnny gained access as a delivery boy into P’s Beverly Hills residence on Sunday to offer her a pricey, red Cadillac. The blonde heiress didn’t react so well to this, in fact,  she called the cops on him.


Two days later, Tuesday,  Paris steps out to see the windows on the parked car smashed and vandalised and she’s crying “Johnny”.


Reports have it, this isn’t lover boys first attempt at wooing the heiress. He has also been known to have sent a really expensive wedding dress to Paris with a note “Will you marry me?”, that’s not all, our stalker is old fashioned as well as he asked Paris parents permission to court their daughter using banners that he flew over the Hilton’s Malibu compound. The banners said “Mr. & Mrs. Hilton, may I court your daughter Paris?” and a cute part for Paris, “Can’t Get Paris Whitney Hilton Out of My Mind”.


We can’t quite decide if this is creepy act like Paris thinks or Just the acts of a lovesick man. What do you think?

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