Jose and his conspiracy theory.


Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea FC manager speaks, again. Each time this Portuguese born tactician speaks it definitely gets attention and creates a chain reaction, and he knows this.

Some attribute this to be part of his coaching skill, some say he’s just been “Jose”.

Right from his first tenure as Chelsea manager to when he coached Inter Milan and then Real Madrid, Jose has always kept the press busy with remarks that keeps them running back for more. Lately, he decided to stop giving press conferences, and the press did miss him. But recently, he spoke.

This time around, after Chelsea’s match against Burnley, he dropped another “hit”, The Chelsea Conspiracy.


There have been talks, rumours, whispers of a conspiracy against Chelsea by the English Premier League, but how true this can be remains a mystery, which only Jose can highlight.

Jose Mourinho insists appealing Nemanja Matic’s red card against Burnley would be a waste of time as he continued his bitter feud with the Football Association.


The Serbian midfielder was sent off for violent conduct after he reacted to a dangerous Ashley Barnes tackle in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Burnley.

When asked his opinion on Matic’s red card, Mourinho replied: “Have you ever seen Chelsea win an appeal?”

The Chelsea manager went on to compare Barnes’ challenge with Diego Costa’s stamp on Emre Can, which earned his forward a three-match ban last month.

He said: “A couple of weeks ago when I was in the press conference after the Liverpool game in the Capital One Cup I knew already that it was going on and on and on on the television. Subtitles saying “Diego Crimes”. Compare “Diego Crimes” with what happened today.

“This game had four moments. Minute 30, minute 33, minute 43 and minute 69. This is the story of this game. I can not comment on that story because you know it is difficult for me not to say the truth. I’m making it easy for you, you go home go to these moments and you know exactly what I think about the game.”

Mourinho cited a first-half challenge form Barnes as the turning point in the game, believing the Burnley forward should have been dismissed for a challenge with goalscorer Branislav Ivanovic.


He said: “I repeat; that was minute 69. Minute 69 has a big relation with minute 30. The player, if i can call him a player, that was involved in minute 69 was involved in minute 30.

Normally in minute 31 he should be in the shower. No minute 69 if the person in charge deals with it the proper way on minute 30.”


When asked how costly the dropped points will prove at the end of the season, the Chelsea boss continued: “I have no answer for you because if this story that started a couple of months ago finished today, if you tell me today this story finished and now we have 12 matches to play with an advantage of five points i tell you ‘champions’. But I don’t know if the story ends here or if you have more waiting for us.”

In reference to his comments about a refereeing campaign against his side after a 1-1 draw at Southampton in December, Mourinho said, “I’m happy that I’m not stupid and I understood everything a couple of months ago.”

In as much I hate to be sentimental when watching football games (I prefer watching sports duels as an unbiased fan) Jose really got my attention and I am forced to ask, “is there really a conspired effort to thwart this man’s plan”?.

If yes, Why?

But, whatever the reason may be if at all it is true, Jose Mourinho is good at what he does, he can coach and he can talk.


I decided not to do this alone so as to maintain my unbiased state, so I’m throwing the opinion out to football fans to send in their opinion and comments on this matter. Send in your opinions to

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  1. Daniel

    Jose just has his ways and if there is a conspiracy, it will all come to light but come to think of it,there have been moments in games this season where some decisions have not gone well for Chelsea.

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