ISIS Launches Major Assault On Kurdish Front In Iraq

The town of Gwer.

The town of Gwer.

The town of Gwer.

ISIS fighters launched a major assault Tuesday night southwest of Irbil in the Kurdish region of Iraq, Kurdish officials said. A “big attack” is taking place  near the towns of Gwer and Makhmour, one Kurdish source told reporters, citing an assistant to Gen Sirwan Barzani, commander of the sector. The towns are 45 kilometres from Irbil, the Kurdish capital. ISIS launched its offensive on Kurdish positions from several directions, one Kurdish official said. Coalition aircraft were in the area, according to the officials, but they had so far been unable to fire on ISIS units because of the close proximity of the two sides on the ground. Kurdish officials said they were concerned ISIS fighters would break through their lines. If that happens, there will be little standing between ISIS and the Kurdish capital, though Tuesday’s attacks are likely aimed at drawing the already stretched Kurdish forces in many different directions to relieve the pressure on Mosul, which ISIS seized in June. Kurdish forces recently have been trying to surround Mosul to cut off ISIS lines of supply from Syria, setting up what could be an eventual assault to try to expel the terror group from the city.

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