Tyga Denies Kylie On Power 105.1fm


Well, did we just underestimate Momager or what, we should have known it takes more than the law to faze The Kris Jenner.


Tyga was featured the morning of 17th on Breakfast Club, and this what he had to say “I’m not dating Kylie. I want to be clear to everybody that I didn’t leave my family to be with Kylie… I’ve been knowning her family for a long time. I black culture it’s different, if you hanging around somebody you smashin’ them, in white culture it’s different… I respect her mom, i know her whole family.”


Ironically the same Breakfast Club interview that generated the ‘Amber war against Kardashians’ was also used as the ‘Kardashians voice of salvation.’ But really are we going to take Tyga’s word on this, the ‘Kylie is pregnant’ rumours, the ‘Kylie sees a future with Tyga’ gists, can’t all be without truth and what’s with the “I respect her mom” line.

Is it me or isn't this a date

Is it me or isn’t this a date

We smell a rat and it’s suspiciously, stylishly chic in a haircut…


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