The Fever ‘Grey’


There is a fever sweeping through the nations and spreading faster than the Ebola virus or even HIV and it’s called ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’.


It premiered just before valentine’s day, and didn’t disappoint it’s bestseller counterpart, which was translated into 52 different languages and sold about 100 million copies worldwide, the cinemas where packed hours before the tapes started rolling and there was even a struggle for who gets the best seat at the Genesis Deluxe, Enugu Shopping Mall, the movies was in competition with Kingsman: The Secret Service, which is an action movie and drags the male population but it being valentine made the racy scenes of Fifty Shades Of Grey the perfect choice for that cuddle, snuggle boo experience.


This movie might be a blockbuster but we don’t see it getting a welcome reception from the feminists, as it centers on dominance and submission, the protagonist, Christian ( played by Jamie Dornan ) has an aversion to romantic gestures he likes Anna ( Dakota Johnson ), wants her but won’t let himself be with her unless she signs a series of contracts forbidding disclosure of their bedroom antics and any relationship that isn’t sexual. Anna Steele a 21 year old college student lost her virginity to 27 year old, wealthy Christian and is fascinated by his aloofness but hesitates to accept a contract relationship that involves BDSM.


The movie didn’t have much as far as storyline goes but something (might even be the sex scenes) keeps you in your seat till the end, the ending did add a bit of mystery to the plot though, after Anna asks for a taste of extreme BDSM to see if she can handle it in a relationship, she then storms out and shares a moment with Christian right before the elevator closes.


The book is a trilogy, so we are wondering if ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ and Fifty Shades Freed will be hitting the screens any time soon.


For the adventurous sort, this movie can be a good guide book to spice up your bedroom, even celebrity, Jessica Simpson and hubby are inspired.


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If you haven’t seen the movie don’t be left out of the loop for long, Ciao! am off for a rerun.



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