‘Tempting Fate’ takes us to Hollywood


I don’t know how many of you have been wondering about the whereabouts of the handsome Ramsey Noah,  well, your about to have your answers.


The screen god, has taken up a project called ‘Tempting Fate’ and they are already done with the filming. The movie which is directed by Kevin Nkem Nwankor and produced by Kevstel group production has already made it into the list of films to be shown at Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) for its premiere and for those of us who can’t afford to attend the PAFF, am afraid we have till easter before this fabulous work of art hits the cinema, bummer!


The movie will pull your heart strings and a tissue is advised for the more soft hearted among you, as it focuses more on family love, the love among brothers, betrayal that threatens and forgiveness that builds and mends.


The  movie follows the lives of two orphans as they try to make their way in the world, the two brothers though dedicated to one another are pulled in two different directions.  Edu (Andrew Onochie) is the kid bro, drawn to God, suffers from a terminal disease  and finds solace in his girlfriend Tracy (Tiffany Denise Turner, known for her role in ‘Homecoming’ in 2012) and his gospel songs. Ugo (Ramsey Noah) gets caught up in notorious robbery gang activities lead by Scorpion (Dan Davies) in a desperate attempt to get cash to fund his baby brother’s treatment, Ugo’s efforts to quit the gang sets of a series of unpleasant events.


This movie marks Andrew’s debut in Hollywood and Kevin’s directorial debut. Thumbs up to the two rising stars, we will be on the look out for more of their works.



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