Some sex moves he really should say ‘No’ to.  




Ok, not a complete no, but care should be taken.


Yea, yea I know ‘Care’ is not a word you want to hear when you are in that wild, cloth ripping, take_me_now mood.


Well, unless you want his mini me to suffer a slight set back called a “Penile Fracture” you had better apply caution before you go riding him like an untamed horse.



I know! This a downer to hear, but first let’s get to know what a penile/penis fraction is, shall we?


A penis fracture though a rare occurrence, is when an erect penis is bent suddenly causing trauma to the penis, the trauma might rupture the lining of one of the two cylinders in the penis 《Corpus Cavernosum》, in a layman’s language, you just snapped his weenie. We are ladies but you get the picture of how ‘OUCH!!!’ that is. Its often accompanied by a crack sound, swelling and bruise like colouring.


Missionary style, like the name suggest is boring and drab after a while but according to research, its relatively the safest sex position, go figure.



Anyway, we’ve come up with a list of styles that can possibly maim your man:


Cow girl: Ladies no matter how we enjoy those moments of power and your literally crooning ‘Am on top of the world”, you should be careful or his johnson gets it. Experts say that the highest % of penile fracture was caused by this position because the woman controls the movement with her entire body mass landing on the erect penis (when you think about it ‘Ouch!), not being able to control the friction if the penis suffers a wrong way penetration.


Pogo stick: When you want to take missionary to another level. This is basically missionary except your standing, your carrying all her weight and then flexing your knees for the in ‘n’ out movement. This has pain written all over it, if not careful : you could drop her #ouch, your knees and back gets a serious workout #doubleOuch, to top it of your putting your manhood in harms way.



Stairway to heaven: Let’s just say any position she’s in control of the penetration energy and monitors the thrusting should be done with care as this have the most chances of you slipping out of her and her momentum crashing down on your member.


Kitchen maiden: This is mostly unplanned and therefore fun and spontaneous on the downside this has you on the tips of your toes and any lapse of calf strength or slight in balance could spell dooms day for your unlucky penis.



Doggy: Is a position that has the girl on all fours, this is for when you want get a bit naughty and wild, it brings out the animalistic side of our nature, it makes for great penetration but it’s also responsible for 29% of  cases of penile fracture.


Wheelbarrow is also one of the positions to be careful of, if you don’t want to go from pleasurable bedroom to painful ward room.

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A graduate of UNN, from the dept of Foreign languages and literary studies. Chioma is passionate about ensuring that you get the latest information on events going on in the world, as they occur, uncut.

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