North’s mother is at it again.


Kim kardashian, has a habit of cheating the general public by getting a Vip pass to movie previews, days before the official release date.


Mrs west did it in ‘Hunger Games’ and she’s at it again as she and a few close friends had an exclusive peek of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ which will be released 13th February, turning it into an epic girl’s night out.


She most have lost kendall’s invite in the mail or she didn’t want to watch the raunchy scenes sitted next to her 19 year old, baby sis.



Either way, the reality star tweeted her approval of the movie by 11:44 and got a response by 11:45, guess who from, tweet below:


Kimmy’s love for Fifty Shades Of Grey, took her to an Australian radio station, where she read the book version to her fans, using ‘Femme Fatale’ in place of curse words.


That’s not all our reality princess did to enrage her fans this week as a picture from her Love Magazine, spring_summer issue, hits the media.


Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, the always perfectly primed princess shows us a grungy side of her that we are honestly finding hard to swallow.


I mean, we’ve seen Kim bare it all before in Paper Magazine but North’s mother shows us that there is a whole new angle to her ASSet and it’s wearing Prada.


The picture was shot in november by Steven Klein for the 13th issue of Love Magazine and features more than 30pages of Kim showing off custom designs by Miuccia Prada.


The Magazine is coming out 9th February, Can’t Wait!!!




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